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November 6, 2011

Sorry for my lack of activity lately, and for the more than usual sporadic postings. I'm in the midst of a graduate literature class that has me writing for the pleasure of getting an A rather than for the pleasure of entertaining my small but loyal followers. I thought I would put together something I had been working on, but kept putting off posting because... well...when I have some free time, I'm usually watching old episodes of Ally McBeal or 30 Rock on my Netflix.  I digress...

Because I've been spending every night and weekend stuck to my home office chair, typing away at my computer trying to come up with something prolific to write about The Waste Land or Hemingway, I started thinking it might be time to get a new office chair. Something cute and comfy came to mind, but what's out there is mostly boring, black, leather monstrosities that cost an arm and a leg. I get it -- you spend most of your day sitting in these things -- but that doesn't mean what you sit in can't be chic and affordable.

So, starting with my inspiration, here are my bargain chic alternative for the humble office chair.

Inspiration Piece
Horchow, Cooper Office Chair, $1099

Bargain Chic Options

 Clockwise: Walmart, Padded Microsuede Executive Chair, $139; Office Max, Odessa II Task Chair, $89.99; Target, Feature Mesh Task Chair, $169.99; HomeDecorators, Craftsman Leather Swivel Desk Chair, $289.

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  1. Office chairs are always so expensive. It is definitely a good idea to bargain with such items. You could find the same exact chair close to half off what some retailers are selling them for!



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