Plaid Passion

September 1, 2007

Certain fabrics epitomize different seasons. Tweed is winter, pastels are spring, seersucker is summer and plaid is fall. When I think of plaid, I often associate it with school girl uniforms and preppy yuppies. These two looks below offer a mix of conservatism and sexiness -- a style, I have to admit, fits me to a "T."

Designer Look

Piccolo Plaid Dress, $325, Nannette Lepore

(Very un-bargain like of me, but I bought this!)

'Lizbeth' Pump, $109.95, Linea Paolo

Bargain Look

Plaid Empire Dress, $129, Liz Claiborne

'Naomii' Pump, $79.95, Steve Madden

Designer Look: $434.95
Bargain Look: $208.95

1 comment

  1. I am so happy you finally got a "designer" dress and if only the temperatures go down so you can wear it. You know, with Labor Day, they say, summer is over :-)



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