The Perfect Pumps

February 22, 2010

Another great deal I found recently were these Naturalizer pumps. I was on a never ending search for some mid-heel, black, sling-back, closed-toe pumps (wow, that's a mouth-full). It seemed to be a tall order to fill, and as much as I searched I could never find a pair. They were either open-toed with a sling back; or closed toe and no sling-back; or four-inch high heels that would leave me toppling to the floor if I tried to walk in them. Then, low-and-behold, I visit and viola! There they were - everything I wanted. And, to boot, on sale! And, boy, do I mean on sale. 70% off. Plus, I had a coupon code, which made my purchase only $15. So now I'm a happy girl, in my cute, exactly-what-I-wanted pumps! (Situation Shoe, Naturalizer, $23.70)

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