Fall Fashion: Part Three

September 18, 2014

Fall is my favorite season. Mostly because it means cooler temperatures and a prelude to all my beloved holidays. It's also a time for nesting, for being domestic, and enjoying the changing milieu of colors, of scents, and of visual cues that the Earth's yearly journey is reaching its conclusion. And it is in those sensory experiences that we tend to also shift our fashion perspective. And while the weather certainly plays a part in that transition, it's the hues that many of us are drawn to in the fall months that make everything feel richer and more inviting.

I love wearing the shades of autumn: orange, burgundy, forest green, gold, cobalt blue. They make everything look more sophisticated and luxurious. Really, you can't go wrong in the fall. Pick a piece with a pop of color, and you're instantly transformed into a bonafide fall fashionista. And to give you a little inspiration, here are just a few ideas for some coats and dresses that partake of the palette for fall.

1.Double-cloth car coat, J.Crew, $350. 2.Twill vegan leather coat, Tinley Road, $129. 3.Galan dress, Anthropologie, $138. 4.Quilted Tema dress, Anthropologie, $158.

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