A Good Review

August 2, 2008

My annual review is approaching, and, as a running joke with my boss, I'll be wearing my "review dress." It was my first review, and wearing the dress wasn't completely unintentional. I wanted to look nice, and I had just purchased this chic teal-colored wrap dress, so I thought review day would be a good day to premiere it.

I didn't think he would notice the dress, but after the review, when my boss and I went to lunch, the wind kept blowing the wrap panel up and I made a little, and perhaps inappropriate, joke about revealing too much on my review day. Well, the kind of boss (and friend) he is, he continued the joke, saying "oh, that's why you wore the dress today!" And, thus, came the name "review dress."

So, in honor of my upcoming, and hopefully excellent, review, here are some "review dresses" that I would say significantly exceed expectations.


  1. I like your idea of a "review dress". Very creative and smart.

  2. Your story made me snicker. Hmmm? I wonder what I wore on Review Day? I hope I brushed my hair? j/k

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