NY Fashion Week

February 15, 2008

It's been awhile since my last entry, but I've felt a little fashion-challenged lately. Flipping through my fashion magazines, I came to a realization that the new trends for '08 are kind of redundant and boring. It's kind of the same old, same old, and I'm already sick of seeing the same regurgitated looks from past seasons.

Designers keep producing these sack frocks and billowy tops that look too simplistic and unflattering on most women. And, some of the most over-saturated trends that many designers are lapping up are accessories like belts, pockets, hats and colored tights. In some instances, they do add depth & character to the outfits, but often than not, it seems they are an afterthought and a coalescence of artistic expression.

Despite my rant, I still believe there is talent and vision out there, and in honor of that, here are my pics of the best designer looks from NY Fashion Week. Enjoy!

BCBG Max Azaria

I enjoy the fluidity of the fabric and how it has been draped. Note the belt -- it could work either way: on or off.

Benjamin Cho

The cut-outs and tailoring of this top/tunic/dress is amazing. I'm not familiar with this designer, and his other pieces were slightly avant-garde for my taste, but this piece really pleased my senses.

Bill Blass

The plum color of the jacket really stood out against the neutral black & gray pieces underneath it. And, the gray skirt has interesting details on it. Note again the thick belt & pockets!

Carolina Herrara

The fabrics and colors of these two outfits epitomize Fall to me. The dress is reminiscent of golden leaves on an Autumn birch tree, and the pop of red pouring out of the tweed coat is like turning a corner on a Vermont highway and catching an eye-full of red oaks. Magnificent!

Derek Lam

Simple, double-breasted coat, but with a flair of the unexpected. (Not too sure about that beehive, though.)


I couldn't quite put my nose on why this outfit intrigued me, but I think it is the juxtaposition of the floral baby-doll dress, the gray knit scarf, tights and the pop of purple shoes. All of it somehow works!

Donna Karan

I am not a huge fan of Donna Karan, and most of her Fall collection seemed a bit too... languid. But of all her pieces, this one incorporated her love of draping loose fabrics with a bit of unstuffy structuring. Plus, the color is beautiful and the fabric combinations are to die for!

J. Mendel

If I could go to an event where I had to wear a gown, I would give my right arm to wear one of these! (Okay, so I wouldn't look as fabulous with only one arm, but the beauty of the dress would avert all attention away from that missing limb!)

Michael Kors

The dress' lines and construction were done masterfully, and I think any woman wearing it would look damn sexy!

Oscar de la Renta

The colors, my friends, the colors!

P.S.: In the coming weeks, I am planning on returning to my bargain chic ways, and present to you, to the best of my ability, some bargain looks that mimic the aforementioned outfits. Until then, be fashion and don't let fashion be you!

P.P.S.: Photo creds go to www.style.com

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  1. Very nice and I like the colors too. It's too bad that you couldn't send your whole "Bargain Chic" to fashion magazines or someone from a magazine would find themselves on your MySpace and see this. It is really nice and it shows you put a lot of work into it.



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