Election Day Party Dress

November 2, 2008

Whether you're from a blue state or a red state, this Tuesday will be a historic day for our country. And whatever your political persuasion, the excitement of it all deserves to be celebrated. So, what better way to do that than have a party for your party! If you're a tried and true red-stater or a bold and brazen blue-stater, check out these party dresses that will wow any party!


  1. I actually like the last two dresses that are less expensive.

    I can't believe how much those other ones cost.

  2. Party dresses are meant to be worn strictly for special occasions held only in the evening. That Lace-Rose silk dress is my favorite.

  3. I think Election Day is definitely a special occassion, and the fun doesn't start until this evening anyway, so I think a party dress is definitely appropriate!

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