Spring Cleaning

April 13, 2008

Sometimes I stand in my closet and glare at my robust wardrobe. I have plenty of tops, sweaters, blazers, pants, dresses and skirts, but there are occasions when I just feel bored with every article of clothing I own. I get in a rut with my look and fancy a day when I could throw everything out and start anew. Well that is pretty unrealistic for me, unless I somehow came into some money. However, I often do try to find a few inexpensive pieces to freshen up what I feel is a stale look. And right now I'm feeling the need for some new spring & summer tops. I'm lucky because there are tons of cute tops to choose from. Here are a few chic ones that fit my bill -- all at fantastic prices.

Emma Floral Top, Kohls, $19.99

Anna Top, Delias, $32

Front-Tie Floral Woven Top, Kohl's, $30.80

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