My name is Teekay, and I'm an Accessory-phobe.

August 30, 2008

I'm a minimalist when it comes to fashion and decor. I don't like to adorn my house or myself with anything that doesn't have some functionality. It is the same with my fashion sense. I guess when it comes to accessorizing, I lack any sense. I have a hard time finding the right jewelry to go with the right outfit. I'll put on a necklace, take it off, put another one on, and take it off. I keep this routine going until I finally succumb to my indecision and conclude the outfit never needed it anyways.

So, to help myself with my accessory phobia, I've started to pay more attention to jewelry -- necklaces, earrings and bracelets -- and forcing myself to view these pieces as compliments to my clothes. Here are a few inspirations to get myself and anyone else who shares this "condition" to see the potential in the possibilities of jewelery.


Left: Banana Republic Mixed Media Necklace, $55.30. Right: LuLu's So Charming Necklace.


Left: Liz Claiborne Post Earrings, $22. Right: Elsewares Demeter Earrings, $28.


Left: Banana Republic Elegant Stone-hinged Bangle, $27.30. Right: Liz Claiborne "Wonderland" Flex Bracelet, $22.

Jewelery Set

World Market Shell & Wood Necklace and Earrings, $9.99.


  1. oooohhh, that wonderland bacelet is v. pretty!!

  2. that was me, the anonymous one.... I forgot to sign in.



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"One cannot consent to creep when one has an impulse to soar." ~Helen Keller