My Ruffle Paradox

April 11, 2009

Ruffles... I love them! I'm not sure why, since I've never been a real girlie-girl. In fact, for most my life I was pretty much a tomboy, with a dash of fashion flair. But for some reason, ruffles just make me happy. I think they offset my classic style with a bit of whimsy and quirkiness. And, if done right, they offer an unexpected punch of soft sophistication -- a bit of a paradox, I suppose.

This season's ruffle trends afford me the ability to be girlie in my own irreverent way. Here are a couple of designer inspiration pieces and their bargain counter-parts. Be warned, though, too many ruffles are just plain silly. So keep it simple -- one ruffle piece at a time!

Designer Looks

Poplin Ruffle Tank Dress, Zac Posen, $1150

Rose Vertigo Satchel, Valentino, $2395

Bargain Looks

Ruffle-front Sheath, Chadwicks, $39.99; Alyssa Shirt Dress, Delias, $44.50

Ruffle Front Tote, Arden B, $58; Ruffle Round Toe Flat,, $12


  1. Love that purple dress--- too cute! Do you own it?

  2. I love the ruffle accents on the bags!

  3. I also love the bargain handbag and the shoes are cute too.

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