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May 14, 2010

If you've ever taken an art class, visited a museum or been given a finger painting by a five year old, you've probably heard that little voice in your head whisper that well-known phrase, "art is subjective." You try to appreciate what you can, yet sometimes you still look at a Pollock painting and think it looks just like that tarp you used to catch all your painting mishaps. Or perhaps that extraordinarily expensive gallery piece looks a lot like the decoupage vase your niece gave you for your birthday.  In any case, art is -- or, at least, should be -- about emotion and connection.  Whatever interests you, moves you, inspires you, is what makes art art to you. So, here is some art that does all of the above for me, and more.

(Most of these are prints of original artwork, but this is a great ways to purchase art at an affordable price.)

C'est La Vie, Dazey Chic, $20; Play that Old Six String, den10studio, $18; My Place in the City, Jen Kennedy Designs, $19; May Blue Highway Yellow Cornhusk, Dolan Geiman, $55; City of Stars, Lisa Chow, $24.

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