Orange You Glad for Spring Trends?

April 26, 2011

Orange used to be my least favorite color. I always thought it was a tough color for anyone to pull off. But, then one day, I bought a coral colored top and realized...ehhh...not so bad. It's all about the shade of the orange. Being fair skinned with reddish blond hair, I figured out that a coral shade works best on me. And, I recently purchased a white and deep orange striped t-shirt that looks pretty good on me. Of course, I think most deeper colored oranges look better on dark haired and darker skinned people, they can work for others in moderation.  And, even if your coloring doesn't work with any shade of orange, there are always accessories to add a pop of that refreshing color.

So, with this spring season's orange trend, don't be wary to take part in it, just figure out which shade works best and how much of it to flaunt. Have fun with it -- that's what the color is all about!

Inspiration Piece
Alexandre Birman Canvas Platform Sandal, Neiman Marcus, $475

Bargain Looks
 Swiftly Moving Days Dress, ModCloth, $47.99 (currently out-of-stock); Pinwheel Tank, Anthropologie, $68

Apollo Clutch, Nine West, $59; Nine West Punchy Ankle-Strap Sandal,, $78.95

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  1. Orange is good when you wear earthy brownish shades of it. But those would be more suited to fall/winter than spring/summer where vivid and bright is the in style. I do like the expanding clutch in the article.



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