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March 15, 2008

Since starting this blog, a few people in my personal life frequent it, including a stylish work-friend. However, the other day after my work-friend congratulated me on my blog's one year anniversary, a male co-worker asked what the congratulation was referencing. I casually mentioned my fashion blog. A peppering of questions followed, along with my other male co-worker joining in on the conversation. I felt a little awkward -- I mean, I rarely talked to these guys about my fancy for fashion at bargain prices. Plus what do they care about fashion?

Despite my presumptions, they were interested and brought up the idea of doing a blog post on menswear. So, here I am, doing just that. Menswear is hard, though. I know what I like, but that doesn't mean most men would even dare wear it or "get it!" Plus, there is kind of a limiting style for men: shirt & pants. How can you really make that chic?

Nevertheless, here is my attempt at it. The main outfit is what I call the "insatiably sexy J.Crew look," with the cashmere vest the center-piece "splurge" item, followed by the rest of the look for much less!

And, here's a new twist for this year's blogs -- Every blog post will end with a questions for you, the reader, to offer an answer as you'd like. Question: What style does your man have? And, if you don't have a man, what style would you want your man to have?

Designer Look

Cotton-cashmere Argyle Vest, J.Crew, $65

Bargain Accouterments

Mossimo Washed Oxford Shirt, Target, $19.99

Levi's 514 Slim Straight Jeans, Khols, $29.99

Chaps Striped Tie, Khols, $18

Relic Leather Belt, Khols, $17.50

Total: $150.48 (plus, all of these pieces are basics and can be worn in numerous combinations!)


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