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April 20, 2007

There are plenty of great places to find clothes at reasonable prices. Obviously, this blog is an attempt at showing you that. However, there are places that are known for their savings, yet often you don't always equate chic fashion with them. A co-worker of mine mentioned that she happened to visit JCPenny's after many years of avoiding it and discovered a great array of extremely affordable and stylish clothes. Another often unexpected place you can find fashion-forward clothes is Target. With the help from designers like Isaac Mizrahi and Proenza Schouler, Target provides shoppers with an opportunity to find their own style at a discount.


Eyelet Jacket, $39.99; Corset Top, $29.99; Sateen City Shorts, $29.99. All Nichole by Nichole Miller.


Georgette Ruffle Dress, $39.99, Isaac Mizrahi for Target

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