Favorite Stores: Part 1

November 15, 2008

I've decided to catalog some of my favorite stores for my fellow Bargain Chic readers. These are places that I think offer stylish clothes at reasonable prices. I may also throw in some higher-end stores, but most of those will be for their awesome sales.

My first pick is Ann Taylor LOFT. I love this store! Some seasons it is hit and miss there, but more often than not they have great deals on clothes that are classic and sophisticated. I have to admit, most of the clothes in my closet have the Ann Taylor LOFT label on them, but what can I say -- I love a bargain chic find!

What's even better is that Ann Taylor LOFT always has tons of sale items. So, if one day you really fall in love with something but just can't afford it right then, check back a few weeks later, and I'll guarantee you it'll be on sale. And, to boot, they also have tons of promotions for discounts and coupons.

Here are just a few looks that epitomize why I love the LOFT so much.

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  1. This green coat is beautiful- wish we had the weather here to wear coats.



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