Real Housewives' Fashions

May 22, 2011

I admit it. I'm a fan of the Real Housewives franchise. It's my guilty pleasure. I pretty much watch all of them and revel in the crazy drama that is always brewing between these grown, seemingly classy, women. My favorite of all of them, though, is the New York City "housewives." And, by "housewives," I mean women who may or may not have husbands and who may or may not work. Aren't we all housewives then??? Anyway, I love the ladies from NYC because they seem to have a bit more edge, sophistication and, well, real money (well, with the slight exception of Alex and Simon) than all the other housewives (again, some exceptions should be made for some of the Beverly Hills housewives).

Because I love RHONY so much, I thought it would be great to do a post on these housewives' fashions. Seeing them week after week, I started noticing each of their distinct styles. And, I've decided to stick with the housewives I've come to know the longest, so Sonja and the new girl Cindy won't be included (Although, I'm starting to sense Sonja has the sexy style, while Cindy has the requisite downtown rocker-chick style.)

So, here we go...

Ramona loves a satin, jewel-toned dress -- preferable short with a bit of sassy. She must have stock in satin because photo after photo had her in some form-fitting satin cocktail dress. But, I suppose it represents Ramona well -- you can't miss bold colored satin on a bold and colorful lady.

On right: Calvin Klein Mesh Trim Stretch Satin Dress, Nordstrom Rack, $59.97

Then, you have Jill, who tends to have a rather frenetic look -- one minute trendy, then cutesy and then sexy. She always seems to pick looks that are a bit fashion-forward, and sometimes a little too young for her look. But, somehow, they always work for her.

On right: Gathered Hemlock Dress, Anthropologie, $148

Oh, and of course, there is Luann. The Countess, Dahhhhling. She is the epitome of sophistication and class. Ms. Manners must always look perfect. And, she usually does. She likes to show-off her attributes, which seems to be her shoulders. She sticks with what looks good on her and doesn't stray from it.

On right: Donna Morgan Asymmetrical Jersey Sheath Dress, Nordstrom, $128

Then, there is Alex. Oh, Alex. You try, honey, you really do.  Sometimes she is on spot, and other times, it's like, what?! She is the trendiest of them all, with a strong desire to be avant garde, couture and fashion-forward all wrapped into one almost Bjork swan-like get-up.  But, I have to say she has fashion guts and puts it out there for all to see.

On right: Adrianna Papell Hailey Sequined Cut-Out Floor-Length Gown, Lord & Taylor, $168

Finally, there is Kelly. The fashion model. She's beautiful with a great body. She looks good in nearly everything, but it seems her favorite look is super short and flowy. When I think of her style, I think of the brands Free People and Urban Outfitters. Of course, she can afford a more sophisticated look that oozes that youthful, free-spirit, yet sexy look.

On right: Lipsy 60s Style Mini Dress, ASOS, $101.56

If I had to choose one RHONY housewife that represented my style, it would be tough.  I like each of their styles and think I could encompasses them at some point in my life. But, if I must pick, I would have to combine the looks of the two most polar opposites: Luann and Kelly. I love the classic looks of Luann mixed with Kelly's quirky styling.

What is your favorite RHONY housewife style? And, which one represents your style the best?

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