Casual Fridays Gone Chic

March 11, 2007

In the western part of the U.S., causal Fridays typify the laid-back attitude that pervades the coastal states. Depending on where you work, what is acceptable for casual Fridays varies. Some companies let you wear shorts and flip-flops, while most others allow jeans or khakis with modest blouses or shirts.

Yes, casual Fridays means just what it says, but that doesn't mean you can't add a little chic flavor to your ensemble. Let your casual Friday wardrobe emote a cool, casualness that is also stylish and fashion-forward. Take a look at these two outfits: the first if you have the budget to pull off the Jennifer Aniston- relaxed-unfussy-but extremely pricey-look or the second for a JenniferAniston-you won't believe the price I paid for this-look.

Designer Look

Jeans, $244, Anlo (they don't have a price for the top).

Bargain Look

Top, $32.50, Delias

Jeans, $68, Wardrobe

Designer Look: $244 (plus whatever the top might cost)
Bargain Look: $100.50
A savings of $143.50. (And you get a whole outfit for less than one pair of jeans!)

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  1. I'm so digging the top!!! No shoe selection this time? I so look forward to the shoes!!!



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