Never a Bridesmaid & Never a Bride?

March 22, 2007

The last time I attended a wedding was about three years ago for a good friend's wedding in Maui-- it was a very informal occasion. The last time I was at a real, church wedding was over ten years ago. And, the last time I was actually in a wedding was when I was a flower girl at my uncle's wedding in the early eighties. Almost all my friends are married, and because they all lived in other states or another country (Lisa!) when they got married, I missed out on helping them plan their weddings. So, in the virtual world of blogs, I am offering my bargain-finding hand to help those purveyor of great deals realize a fabulously chic gown can be found at a reasonable price.

P.S.: This blogs for you, Nadia!

Casablanca Bridal, $601-$1500

David's Bridal, $599

Nicole Miller, $595

David's Bridal, Galina, $399

And... did you know that JCrew makes wedding dresses?!

J.Crew, $295


  1. Tracy,

    Those are cool. I think I like the second one the best.

    Love, Mom



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