"Taffeta Darling!"

March 27, 2007

Okay, I'll admit it-- I love dresses! I am sure by now this nugget of information is pretty obvious to everyone. The reason for my near obsession is simple. Dresses are easy. They take little to no effort. And, you don't have to stand naked in your closet contemplating various ensembles for an hour. Nope, all you have to do is pull on a great dress, and BAM, you look awesome! Of course, finding the right shoes could take all night...

Designer Look

Taffeta Bubble Dress, Carmen Marc Valvo, $630

Open-Toe Slingback, Giuseppe Zanotti, $495

Bargain Look

Taffeta Party Dress, As U Wish, $68

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women's I'm Rich Dress Peep-toe High Heel, $24.79

Designer Look: $1125
Bargain Look: $92.79

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  1. Wanted to stop by & say excellent blog! :-) I've noticed that alot of your favorite stores are mine as well. Great shopping minds!



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