Take Me Out to the Ballgame

March 9, 2007

It's Spring Training time... well, at least here in Arizona it is. Yep, every year in March, baseball teams converge on Phoenix and it's surrounding suburbs to take in the beautiful weather and the posh training facilities our cities have erected to bring tourism & big bucks to their economies. Above all else, these games are a great place to people watch, and to be watched by good-looking, all-American, baseball-beer-drinking-loving men! And what better way to get their attention than to look fabulously chic in a cute & approachable outfit that says "Hello, boys! Buy me a beer!"

Designer Look

Top, $285; Shorts, $175.00, both Milly

Shoes, $395, Valentino

Bargain Look

Top, $69, Bebe

Shorts, $22.50, Old Navy

Shoes, $29, Victoria's Secret

Designer Look: $855
Bargain Look: $120.50
A savings of $734.50!!

1 comment

  1. Tracy,

    I really like the last bargains that you showed. That store you put down, La Radoute, really has reasonable prices. I like.




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