Champagne on a Beer Budget

March 5, 2007

Most of us want it all. We want the fancy car, beautiful home, designer wardrobe and, of course, world peace. Reality is, most of us won't get it all. And, as a matter of fact, I don't think we should get it all. Life shouldn't be about "things," it should be about connecting and sharing with others. If we do more of the latter, we may in fact get world peace.

So, here is my attempt at bridging the gap: a blog about fashion & style on a budget. First, I'll present some great fashions, chic decor and other stylish accouterments that most of us wish we could afford. Then I'll scour the web, looking for similar items that fit the bill and won't drain our wallets. My hope is to find fashionable outfits that are no more than $250 and home decor items no more than $550.

Just to give you proof that this IS possible, here is a picture of my closet, which contains no article of clothing over $100. (I swear!!! Well, maybe one item.)

In a future blog post, I'll show you how I was able to decorate every room in my house with items under $550.

Your input is welcomed. If you know of a great on-line store that has great deals, let me know about them. It is always thrilling to find a great buy.

Stay tuned... Tomorrow I will begin with my first set of outfits!

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