Me Likey Bargains

March 18, 2007

Here are some great deals I've come across while scouring the web's vast selection of on-line clothing stores. If any of you out there in cyberland have any web sites that you frequent, let me know about them. Enjoy the bargains...

Darby Dress, $49.50, Delias

Alex Wedge, $34, Delias
(I love these shoes! Yellow is hot this season, and I may have to break down and get these!)

Striped Knit Shell, $12.99, Gap

Pea Coat, $54.99, La Redoute

Contrast Bow Dress, 35 Pounds (around $67), Top Shop

Canvas Wedge, 20 Pounds (about $38), Top Shop

3/4 Sleeve Poet Blouse, $14.99, Salt & Pepper, Style Violet
(I have this top!)

Lux Tweed A-Line Skirt, $34.99, Urban Outfitters

Outfit #1: $83.50
Outfit #2: $67.98
Outfit #3: $105
Outfit #4: $49.98
If it wasn't for that darn conversation rate, all four outfits would be under $100!

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  1. I love the title "Me likey Bargins" LOL.......Me lovey bargins! I love the yellow shoes! Yellow is so hot this year! I think you should buy them! You deserve it! I can't wait till we shop till we drop! Luv ya :)



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